Mon Girl Tile

In this game, you face off against various monster girls on a 5×5 grid. Each player has three tiles in a hand and takes turns placing them.  The goal is to capture the opponent’s tiles and control the majority of the board when all spaces are filled.

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Patreon Recap May 17

This month, June, has been way more stressful then I could ever have imagined and thus I didn't really notice I hadn't posted the recap til now when the month is almost over! Please forgive me. So started may with fan art of Kizuna Ai and posted that everywhere not...

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Patreon April Recap

Momocon looms ever closer! I worked this last month on some sticker designs for darkness, 2B, Mero, and an Emil for fun. As for Mongirl Tile, artwork for Agrat one of the main story bosses is complete, leaving only two more main monsters left. We have added a...

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Patreon March Recap

For the game I did one demon monster girl Naamah, she is a Demon boss that you will have to find to fight. I am also working on and off on the script which is taking a bit of time. Still testing and working out bugs on the newest alpha but I am happy to report all the levels and main bosses are in the game and a lot of the work is squashing bugs, cleaning up menus/screens and of course game balance. But each month is getting us closer and closer.

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