Mon Girl Tile

In this game, you face off against various monster girls on a 5×5 grid. Each player has three tiles in a hand and takes turns placing them.  The goal is to capture the opponent’s tiles and control the majority of the board when all spaces are filled.

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Patreon February Recap

Last month I posted a bunch of images of Alice my Live 2d test character, a decent amount were NSFW. I also got one new monster girl done for the game, a Slaad. She is pretty much a demon frog.

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Patreon January Recap

Going to try and do a recap/teaser for my patreon every month. Work on Mongirl Tile is coming along nicely I have finished the artwork for all the main monsters and there are now 106! As for the programing, the first 14 areas comprising of about 50 monsters/fights are...

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Still Alive

Getting closer to 100 monsters on my end, and production is continuing.  For those wondering why there haven't been many updates here, I have been mainly posting on my Patreon. But production is still going strong, but since there is only two of us working on this...

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